About StreetLightUSA


To transition adolescent girls from trauma to triumph.


StreetLightUSA serves girls age 11-17 who have experienced sexual trauma. Our programs consist of a three-tier strategy of Awareness, Prevention, and Direct Care. We are helping girls find a new way forward so they can become independent, confident, and successful young women.


Through research, strategic partnerships, and innovative models of care, StreetLightUSA strives to be the nationally recognized leader in restoring the lives of adolescent girls, who are victims of sexual trauma.

StreetLightUSA is dedicated to increasing the dialogue between people of all faiths to bring a heightened awareness of the realities of child sex trafficking and childhood sexual trauma.

We welcome all religious traditions, celebrating the opportunity to learn from one another as we continue on our spiritual journey.  As a community, we are committed to serving our child victims.


Child sex trafficking is the sexual exploitation of children in exchange for currency, products, or a child’s basic needs—food and shelter. Violence, Threats, Lies, False Promises, and other forms of control and manipulation are used to keep child victims in bondage. It is often viewed as an overseas problem. However, this nightmare exists here in the US for thousands of children.

300,000 youth are trafficked each year

13 – The average age of entry into child sex trafficking

Every two minutes a child is forced to sell her body

14.25 – The average age that StreetLightUSA survivors were first trafficked.

9 – The average age StreetLightUSA survivors were first sexually abused.


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