She Forgives Him

“You did it before.  You’re going to do it again.”  Judge Susan E. McGuirl is clearly not ignorant when it comes to child sex trafficking.  Rhode Island recently had its first sex trafficking trial in her courtroom, where Troy Footman received 85 years.  The judge even called him “a monster”.Adobe Spark(3)

In 2012, Footman came across two runaway teens who were best friends.  He got them jobs in a strip club where he eventually began sex trafficking them in the back rooms.  They earned up to $1,000 each day and Footman kept their money.

It takes a lot of courage to stand up to the man who sold you for sex.  For many child sex trafficking victims the process can be damaging, it can re-traumatize them.  The two girls in this case were both found alive (which in itself is always a celebration) and both took the stand against Footman.  Their courage is commendable.  One of the victims even addressed Footman in the courtroom.Adobe Spark(1)

“You broke me down until I felt like I was nothing.”

“You took my courage…my dignity.  Today I take it back.  I don’t want to be a victim anymore.  I’m no longer a victim.” – Child Sex Trafficking Survivor

This courageous young lady even said she forgives him to bring herself peace.  How amazing is she?  This teen embodies the StreetLightUSA motto of “Trauma to Triumph”.  She has taken hold of her own life, from being a victim to living as a survivor.


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